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EDA > SQL On the Same Server or separate?


So we replicate from Live AIX to a DR AIX Server.
We also take a segment of our data to an EDA Server.

Our Live server is a physical AIX Server, our EDA Server is a Windows 2012 VM.

We then send it to an older MS SQL Server running 2008, including Windows 2008 so we are limited to 32GB of memory on the Windows Server.

We are thinking of getitng a new SQL Server license and installing it on a new Win 2016 VM, but should we just buy the license and actually put the SQL Server software on the Win2012 server that is currently running EDA Server and just throw a lot of memory at it? Then we have it all on the one server rather then having to go from EDA Server to SQL Server.

Any thoughts on what’s the best way forward?

There are two considerations here:

  • Power and capacity - including disk, memory and processing power for peak-busy load - i.e. when the workload is heaviest.
  • Housekeeping requirements - a single server solution can impact both database environments if a housekeeping action requires a server-wide action - such as a reboot.

In general terms, a single server can be easier to administer. This needs to be weighed against the possibility of the use of one database having an impact upon the other, or an Operating System requirement - whether a patch, a reboot or other - impacting both.

The simple answer is there is no simple answer - it all depends upon circumstances.

So - you will need to balance

  • The advantage of separate servers removing the risk that changing demands upon one database workload or requirements affecting
  • Against the administrative overhead of having to servers.

If you are asking for a ‘gut feel’: Then if the workload on SQL Server is very small and unlikely to grow then single server. If the workload on SQL Server is likely to be significant or grow - then two servers.

Hopefully this helps get the thoughts going on the pros and cons of the options at least.