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Documentation for System Builder

Does anyone have any documentation on System Builder, and how to get started in building some screens?

System Builder (SB/XA) documentation is available online on the Rocket documentation web site : You might want to look at the SB Solutions document which - though dated - has some get-you-started material.

I have not worked with System Builder, and looking for perhaps something like a cheat sheet, on how to get started. I currently have the Universe demo pack on my computer as the company I currently work for is in the process of signing a big contract with a clothing retailer. Do you have anything on how to get started, very simplified.

If you need to come up to speed quickly, I would recommend taking a class. Rocky Mountain Educational Resources is a Rocket Training Partner who offers classes in the Rocket MultiValue Products.

If you are on maintenance for the product then you can use the link in this article to get access to a free course that will introduce you to SB: