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Do we have plan when will we support python multiprocessing

hi do we know when we will support python multiprocessing feature, it is currently blocking us to run test cases in parallel, with python2.7, I got error message saying “Multiprocessing is not implemented, because of EDC5257”, what is EDC5257 ? with python 3.6, a simple python program with multiprocessing.Pool feature will hang.

That would be very interesting, esp. if it would run on SRBs in order to exploit ZIIP processors like Java can.

In a Python program, multiprocessing could be fairly easily substituted with threading though not exploiting multiple processors on a z machine:

        import multiprocessing
        from multiprocessing import Process, Lock, Value
        print('"multiprocessing" module not available using "threading"')
        from threading import Lock
        from threading import Thread as Process
        class Value(object):
            def __init__(self,typ,val):

This seems to run fairly parallel for reads from a database on z/OS - see