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Dealing with connection parameters in Visual Basic after upgrade from Seagull to Rocket


I have been using ICOMS for more than 13 years and operate a automation engine that until this upgrade worked like a dream. How ever now, I cannot get Legasuite to even open.
My Parameters are as follows

jW.Parameters = “/H + “host”
/GEmuC=JTALK /GEmuSP=1291 /M2924 /GMAIWS=2147483683
/GDatAM=2 /GCCSID=37 /GEmuDA=NoErrorAndClose /GSesI=B”

I get an error every time. This is the NEW connection string I got from the folks in IT that upgraded all the software. My application is coded in, if anyone has any idea’s on what I am doing wrong that info would be greatly appreciated