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Currency Format

currently i using “R26,”
PRINT “123456789” “R26,”
result = 1,234,567.89

if the currency format is like 1.234.567 it’s dot . instead of comma ,
PRINT “123456789” “R06,”
result = 1,234,567
result is correct, but i just want change comma to dot?

any way can do it?

  • If using UniData, see SET.DEC and SET.THOUS to set the decimal and thousand delimiters respectively. These go together with SET.MONEY for number and currency formatting conventions.

  • If using UniVerse, National Language Support (NLS) provides full language compatibility of which number and currency conventions are just a small part. NLS requires specific configuration and some preparation work so please check the reference documentation in detail before adopting. If however this is the only change desired and it is to be system-wide for all accounts then you can edit the ‘msg.text’ file in the UniVerse home directory - the fields labelled LOC0019 and LOC0018 - viz:

  • LOC0019 .

  • LOC0018 ,