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Curl on z/OS Unix

Hello. After download the file “curl-7.52.1_b006.170926.tar.gz” on Windows I extracted it using Winrar.
Then the extracted folder was copied to zOS Unix using IDz.
I have exported the environment variables on zOS Unix console (PATH, LIBPATH, etc)
When I run the command “curl” on console, this message is returned:

curl: FSUM9209 cannot execute: reason code = 053b006c: EDC5129I No such file or directory.

My zOS Unix version is 02.02.00
How to fix it?
There are more configs to do?


Highly likely this problem caused by unpacking the archive using WinRAR on x86 machine.
Could you try upload archive curl-7.52.1_b006.170926.tar.gz to the USS
and then unpack it:

gunzip curl-7.52.1_b006.170926.tar.gz
tar -C /your_path_to_curl -xoUXf curl-7.52.1_b006.170926.tar

And then export the environment variables pointing to this path.