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CorVu NG - How to Align Dashboards to the Upper Left of a Browser Using an Embedded Scene



Using an Embedded Scene to align content
Developed by Yakov Goyhman

  1. Create a new scene that will be used to align the content. This scene can be called something like ‘AnchorScene’

  2. Set the newly created scene as the ‘Entry’ scene (in Project Explorer, right click on ‘AnchorScene’ and select ‘Set as Entry Scene’)

  3. Add an Embedded Scene object to the ‘AnchorScene’: in the wizard, select the previous main scene - that contains the content of dashboard - and click ‘Finish’

  4. In properties for the EmbeddedScene set:

PassThroughEvents = true

BorderType = NoBorder

ScenePositioning = Auto

  1. Set the ‘Location’ property to align the embedded scene to the top left of the browser using the following formula:
    = (-(ViewerWidth/2 - EmbeddedScene1.Width/2),ViewerHeight/2 - EmbeddedScene1.Height/2)

If done correctly, you should end up with something like:

*Note - A template could be created off of this example. This would allow users to start dashboards with the AnchorScene and empty ‘main’ scene already created.