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Corvu 5.20 out of memory


Hi, I am using CorVu 5.20 in Windows Server 2008 R2 . I have created CORPORFOLIO with an interador, after a few minutes get the message OUT OF MEMORY. Anyone know how I can prevent this error.


Hi Oscar,

There could be various reasons why you encountered the “OUT OF MEMORY” error. It could be due to the memory you have available on the server, disk space available for the temp directory, the query you tried to run and volume of data getting back from the database. Sometimes the compression option may also trigger this error dependent on your server’s resource.

I will suggest to create a ticket on so that one of the support engineers can help you further.


Hi Oscar
In ver 5.30+ changes were made to the iteration logic in scheduler to release temp files and memory between iterations so this problems does not occur.
In older versions you will need a lot of disk-space and memory if your iteration group has many repetitions and contains many tasks, or has CorPortfolio cbr files with many embedded objects.
Try reducing the iterations by half to see if it completes.
If it does then you will need to create two schedules to handle half the iterations each.
Or upgrade to 5.40.


Thank you all for your answers , I’ll apply what you recommend and will tell you how it was.