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Connect to UniVerse database using U2 Toolkit for .NET Version 2.2.2


We are trying to connect to a UniVerse database version 11.3.1 running on AIX version 7 using the U2 Toolkit for .NET.

The first error message we are getting is around the RPC daemon not running on the server. The full error message is:

ERROR [81016] [Rocket U2] [UCINET - UNIRPC] [ErrorCode=81016] The connection was refused as the RPC daemon is not running. Socket Exception caught and WIN32 API Error Code:10061 and Error Message: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Does anyone have any experience connecting to UniVerse from .NET and are willing to share the steps or pains that they went through?

Thank you,



There are several reasons why you could get that message.

My initial though, if you are not able to make connections is that the unirpcd process is not started on the server, or something else is listening to the port.

When you see this error, after making an initial connection, you must quit and reopen the session.

Your Support provider should be able to assist you in debugging your specific situation.

Mike Rajkowski

This could also be a firewall issue - speak to the Administrators of the UniVerse server and its network,