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call pgm=mcr00010 in a rexx batch clist


we need to simulate behaviour of jcl running PGM=MCR00010 in a rexx batch clist in order to get info about ims databases.
we 'd like to build a rexx clist we can call in this way:
x = mcr0info(dbname)
mcr0info clist must call pgm=mcr00010 (address linkmvs) with sysin “EXPLORE” with “CRIT(ENQ(DSN EQ” dbdname “))”
then reads content of ext-file and returns desired info (parsed using SMCRPARM(MCRPEXRW)).
But when we call PGM=MCR0010 in a rexx batch clist we always get error message MCR01006E even if STEPLIB is in APF state and we added also MCR00010 in PARMLIB member IKJTSO.
is there a way to do what we’re are trying?