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Blank pages printing between printed pages

Our company is currently using SB+ version 6.5 / MasterPack 7.3 and Universe 11.2.3. Now my issue is that it seems since we upgraded SB+ we started having printing issues. When printing to a printer either using a Report Writer form or using old school print statements we are getting a blank page between every printed page. I have tried using MP.PRINTMAN subroutine and also SETPTR command. With the MP.PRINTMAN and doing the PRINTER ON statement it prints a blank page, but using the SETPTR it doesn’t even print. I am at my wits end about how to solve this blank page issue and also why SETPTR isn’t working.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks L

We do not use SB+ but had a similar problem.

We used the NOEJECT option in the SETPTR command to fix the issue Something like:


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