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Bison install - No readme

I’m trying to install bison on my z/os system. I only see one file bison-2.3_b0009.160825.tar.gz and no readme for z/os.
What are the correct commands for installing bison?
Deb Cosentino

Hi djc59,

Please take a look in share\doc\bison\README.ZOS:

Tool - bison-2.3

Works only with the encoding EBCDIC


m4 should be installed and the M4 environment variable should be set to path of
m4 installation directory.


Unpack archive bison-2.3.tar.gz to directory /rsusr/rocket/ or your
Modify script file bin/yacc so that it uses proper path to bison executable file.
Install the necessary permissions and ownership for files.
Update environment variables PATH, MANPATH adding the path of your bison
installation directory.
Update environment variable BISON_PKGDATADIR to the path of subdirectory
share/bison of your bison installation directory.


 mkdir -p /rsusr/rocket
 gzip -d bison-2.3.tar.gz
 tar -C /rsusr/rocket -xovf bison-2.3.tar
 cd /rsusr/rocket/bin
 echo '#! /bin/sh' >yacc
 echo 'exec /rsusr/rocket/bin/bison -y "$@"' >>yacc
 chmod a+x yacc
 export PATH=$PATH:/rsusr/rocket/bin
 export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/rsusr/rocket/man/
 export BISON_PKGDATADIR=/rsusr/rocket/share/bison
 export M4=/rsusr/rocket/bin/m4


Wonderful! Thanks for the info!