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Best method of connecting to db on Linux platform


Currently I run D3 on Centos, and also have a separate web server that I would like to get read access to the db.

I see obdc is only supported for Windows, with some mention of using “some other 3rd party tool”, any hints as to how to best query the db from a remote linux host?

As a last resort, I could script telnet commands, or create a custom socket connection.


As long as you have a D3 release of 9.0 or later (hopefully later), you have access to MVSP. Having access to MVSP gives you the ability to use .NET or java clients to access D3, so you could run a .NET or Java web server and be able to connect into D3.

Better still, use the MVSToolkit product (also requires D3 >= 9.0) from Rocket to create a web services API to your D3. Once you have the web services API built, pretty much any web server going will be able to access D3 using pretty much any language to build you web application on the web server.

I hop that helps but yell out if you need more!