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Bash 4.3.46 behaviour with tagging


I’m running bash script with the bash 4.3 implementation and notice a, to me, strange behaviour.

The script file does not have any tag and I get one error when trying to execute it. After the try, the script file has been tagged with ISO8859-1.
When trying again, I get another error since the script is no encoded in ASCII.
I then tag (chtag) the script file with EBCDIC (IBM-1047) and then the script runs perfectly well.

So far so good, but I have some scripts that are delivered to me in a RO filesystem. When running one of those, I get the first error and of course the script file will not be tagged after the try.

The older version of bash, 4.2 does not have this behaviour. It runs my scripts perfectly well without any tagging whatsoever.

Would it be possible to direct 4.3.46 to behave as 4.2?

I have the following relevant environment variables set.

export _TAG_REDIR_ERR=txt
export _TAG_REDIR_IN=txt
export _TAG_REDIR_OUT=txt

I’m more used to Linux where things like chtag is unknown (by obvious reasons).

Thanks in advance, Len

PS. I can provide you with detailed information if you need it

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Thanks for reporting. We are working on this problem. New port won’t have this wrong behaviour.

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There is a new build of bash on the Rocket web site that solves this problem.

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Thanks for your feedback and for fixing bash 4.3.46!