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Average Unused MSUs/hour



Would someone know how to get the following data?

The environment is zOS mainframe.

My programming language is REXX Language for zOS mainframe.

Through Rexx language, it’s possible to get data coming from System Resource Manager Resource Control Table.

For example,

From RCTCLAS field we can get information about Long-term average CPU service

used by this logical partition, in millions of service units per hour.

From RCTIMGWU field we can get information about Workload Units available to MVS

image when not running as VM guest

From RCTCECWU field we can get information about workload units capacity by CEC.

These data are related to one specific LPAR environment.

It’s possible to get more detail about these fields reading IBM zOS MVS Data Areas manuals.

Now, I am trying to get information of two data about LPAR GROUP

  • MSU/H in use at any time.
  • Average Unused MSUs/hour.

I have tried to find out how to get these data reading the IBM MVS Data Areas manual but I haven’t been able to get it.

I am not sure either if the data that I want to get can be access directly from any specify field or they can be collected through a mathematic formula

Would anyone know to give me a clue how this data could be obtained or if it is possible to get it as I am trying to do it through Rexx language?

Many thanks


I would try asking either on a REXX-specific forum (such as or the IBM-MAIN mailing list.


It’s a good idea too. I’ll try there.
Thank you


All of the information is stored in the type 70 SMF records. Do you have MXG? You can also execute RMF reports to get the Information.


Hola Duncan,
Thank you by your comments.
I know this information is available in the type 70 SMF records. If it’s like that, I should prepare a batch process or similar to get them and, as well as, the data collected wouldn’t be a real-time data. (I think) On the other hand, I don’t have MXG solution and MXG depends on the Base SAS product.
I know this information is provided by others monitor product like IBM Omegamon for zOS or similar. What I am looking for is not depend on any solution to obtain these data.
For this reason, I am looking for trying to do it with REXX language.