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Automation on Bluezone mainframe session on Windows 10 machine using vbscript


Hi All,

I was trying automation of bluezone mainframe session using vbscript.
It was working fine on Windows 7 machine.
But recently started using Windows 10 machine where the scripts are failing to connect to bluezone mainframe session.

Any help would be appreciated.



There is a knowledge article in the Rocket Community support portal about a possible cause…

Previously working VBS scripts are having issues running after upgrade of Windows 10, “Creators’ Edition” ( KB4022725 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 )

This was the result of an internal routine that was causing Win10 CE to have problems playing VBS scripts through BlueZone Scripting Host (bzsh).
The problem was resolved by our lab in BlueZone v7.1.5 GA (build 2846).

Upgrading to v7.1.5 or later BlueZone version is required to resolve this issue.
Please note that Ver 7.1.5 requires an updated license which can be provided by contacting support.



Still having problems with vbscript not communicating to BlueZone session after upgrading to Windows 10. The BlueZone v7.1.6 is installed, so I thought it would not have this issue. Is there anyone else having this problem or is there a know solution yet? Thank you



Have you checked the bitwize compatibility? If you have installed BZ 32bit then all registry settings will be in syswow64, and therefore the vbscript and app will need to also use 32bit programs in order to communicate.