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Anyway to move universe database to cloud


currently using universe 11 PICK in windows base
anyway to move it to cloud like phpMyAdmin

thanks in advance


Once you have a cloud server, where you have root/admin access to the environment, the installation and maintenance of Universe is no different than on any local hardware. The fun starts when you need to communicate with local office resources, specifically the printers.

If you provide more information about your current environment and goals then I’m sure you will get a response that’s more suitable for you purposes.


I agree with Tony, we can provide a more specific answer if you provide more information about what you are trying to accomplish.

Otherwise, There was a good blog post recently on Rocket Software’s MultiValue Blog:

Note that Rocket MultiValue is currently experimenting on getting the MV Application Server into the Cloud. In fact, there is the Connection Manager a new product that provides access to the MV App server (currently in beta) that is the leapfrog for the cloud. We are also exploring the best way to scale the MV application servers as well.

This is all thanks to so great collaborating with other departments within Rocket, that will allow us to easily deploy & instantiate the server and associated applications.

Please let me know if you have more specific question.


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Mark Pick