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Announcing our new community platform, the Rocket Forum!

Hello everyone,

Over the last half year, the Rocket team has been developing a new community platform for customers, prospects, partners and Rocketeers that we call the Rocket Forum. This is an engagement portal and content repository for “all things Rocket”, focused on providing a place where all are welcome to discover, learn, discuss, share knowledge and network. Our efforts have finally come to fruition, and we are excited to invite you to join the new Rocket Forum soft launch!

Start by visiting the account creation page to begin the process with your name, email address and company name. After submission, you will receive an activation email. Verifying your email address will place your account in an administrator review queue, and approval will take place within 24 hours. Once your account has been approved, you are asked to accept Terms & Conditions, and to spend a few moments updating your profile. You can then join the product forums, participate in conversations, share your knowledge, and network with other Rocket Forum members.

In coming weeks, we will migrate content from this forum over to the new Forum. The first phase will commence on July 27th and existing content should appear in the new Forum by July 31st. While it will be possible to create content here after phase one, you are encouraged to engage with one another in the new Forum.

The second phase begins later in 2020 and focuses on the migration of net-new content and mapping content creators to their past contributions. If you have authored content on this forum and wish to maintain authorship after migration, it is vital for you to join the new Forum. This forum will be decommissioned when the migration completes and its URL ( will redirect to the new Forum.

At soft launch, the Rocket Forum offers product discussion areas for UniData, UniVerse, D3, MVIS, Aldon, LegaSuite, z/OS Languages and Tools, z/Trim and MFA, as well as a discussion area for “Other Products”, those that don’t yet have a dedicated area.

The new Rocket Forum will formally launch later in 2020 with more product discussion areas (MV Tools, TRUfusion, iCluster, BlueZone and EOS360), additional features, and will be the foundation for new customer engagement programs.

For comments, questions or if you need assistance, please email me or reply to this announcement.

Thank you for your participation and membership in this forum. All of us at Rocket look forward to seeing you in the new Rocket Forum!

Charles Dane