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After new PERL 5.24 install - errors

I am trying to install the 5.24 version for our developers and since this is a first for me, as Perl was always apart on IBM Ported tools… I have followed the doc and added PATH, LIBPATH and PERL5LIB. But everytime they goto execute PERL. As soon as they hit the first perl statement, they get an error like strict for example.

for example:
make>perl ./ -Nut
Tue Aug 14 08:40:45 2018

Building makefiles…
use: /public/dev/b24/users/jkxxxx/acwa/jk21/make/ 107: FSUM7351 n
ot found
use: /public/dev/b24/users/jkxxxx/acwa/jk21/make/ 109: FSUM7351 n
ot found
use: /public/dev/b24/users/jkxxxx/acwa/jk21/make/ 111: FSUM7351 n
ot found
/public/dev/b24/users/jkxxxx/acwa/jk21/make/ 112: FSUM7332 syntax
error: got (, expecting Newline Error building makefiles

I can only assume I did something wrong along the way? Can anyone give me hint were I went wrong?

Found the issue, you still had old perl path as the first line… Once he changed to the rsusr/rocket path… issues went away…