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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Rocket Software Business Information and Analytics forum! This is a space where the users of Rocket Discover, CorVu and Folio/NXT can come together to share tricks and tips, ask and answer questions, and meet other members of the Rocket community. We hope you will find this forum useful, and add it to your list of daily stops.

How You Can Participate

There are lots of ways you can participate in our forum. If you have a question, just jump in and ask it. You never know who might have an answer—it could be another user, it could be a Rocket developer. If you see a question and have an answer, share your knowledge. It’s a great way to help your fellow users, and you’ll feel great the rest of the day.

Don’t feel like talking? That’s OK too—browse through some of the recent discussions, or use the search function at the top of the page to search for answers. What you do is up to you.

Getting Technical Support

Sometimes you may have a question that goes beyond the realm of “how do I do this?” or “does anyone have advice for my particular situation?” If you’re in a situation where your software isn’t working, you’re having problems with your license, or you’re dealing with an issue that requires direct intervention from the Rocket team, we encourage you to contact Technical Support directly. You can find contact information for your part of the world on the Rocket Software website.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks.
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
  • Knee-jerk contradiction.

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

If You See a Problem, Flag It

Moderators have special authority; they are responsible for this forum. But so are you. With your help, moderators can be community facilitators, not just janitors or police.

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages the bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it. If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.

Moderators do not preview new posts in any way. However, in order to maintain our community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time.

Please Be Civil

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness:

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or troll anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.
  • Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.

If you’re unsure about a post or response, ask yourself how you would feel if your post was featured on the front page of the New York Times.

This is a public forum, and search engines index these discussions. Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.

Keep It Tidy

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:

  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong category.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.
  • Don’t post no-content replies.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.
  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a Linked Topic.

Protect Yourself

Our community is public and there are items that you will not want to post in any public community for your own security:

  • Don’t post personally identifiable information. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, license keys, SSH keys, passwords, etc.
  • Don’t spam or advertise.

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Powered by You

This site is operated by your friendly local staff and you, the community. If you have any further questions about how things should work here, open a new topic in the meta category and let’s discuss! If there’s a critical or urgent issue that can’t be handled by a meta topic or flag, contact us via the staff page.

Terms of Service

Yes, legalese is boring, but we must protect ourselves – and by extension, you and your data – against unfriendly folks. We have a Terms of Service describing your (and our) behavior and rights related to content, privacy, and laws. To use this service, you must agree to abide by our TOS.