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Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS

TCL This forum is for conversations about the TCL programming language on z/OS. R This forum is for conversations about the R programming language on z/OS. PHP This forum is for conversations about the PHP programming language on z/OS. Perl This forum is for conversations about the Perl programming language on z/OS. Python This forum is for conversations about the Python programming language on z/OS.
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Unpacking Distributions

Before installing your distribution you need to unpack it. All z/OpenSource languages and tools are delivered as gzip tar files (e.g. automake-1.10_b0001.160204.tar.gz) with the exception of gzip which is delivered as …

21 October 27, 2017
Downloading Rocket z/OS Open Source Languages and Tools

All of the Rocket z/OS ports of open source languages and tools are available for download from the Rocket Community website downloads page. Log in to the Rocket Community here:…

61 April 28, 2017
About the Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS category 1 February 3, 2016
Installation and README.ZOS

All z/OpenSource languages and tools have in common the existence of a file named README.ZOS containing instructions and example commands for installation of the tool. This file is located in : share/doc/<toolName>/<v…

5 April 29, 2016
Identifying Version and Build

The version of a distribution is often not enough for uniquely identifying it for purposes of knowing whether or not you have the most up-to-date code. Sometimes, for the same tool version, Rocket will make available fo…

4 March 23, 2016
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