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Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS

Welcome to the Rocket z/OS Open Source Languages and Tools forum. This is a place where you can ask questions about our open source languages and tools and get answers from other mainframe professionals like yourself, as well as members of the Rocket team.

Rocket Servergraph

This forum is for the use of Rocket Servergraph users (or those interested in Rocket Servergraph). There will be regular updates here that may be of interest, as well as links to upcoming webinars. For users of the Servergraph Advanced Reporter we will have a place to exchange tips and trade interesting reports created.

Rocket CorVu

Rocket CorVu is a family of business intelligence and enterprise performance management products and solutions that help organizations transform high volumes of raw data into meaningful information to help organizations identify new opportunities, act on critical issues, and modify failing processes.

Rocket Folio/NXT

Finding the right content across the organization can be a challenge and a source of frustration for your employees, customers, partners and suppliers, preventing them from being as productive and efficient as possible. Your content (Word docs, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files and information from CRM, HR, ERP databases) resides in a multitude of repositories making it difficult to get a single view of the information.


Let us know what you think about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Welcome to the Rocket MultiValue category! Here you can discuss any topic related to MultiValue for getting help, sharing your work or ideas, and providing Rocket with feedback to refine the product. Please tag the relevant products to your posts: UniVerse, UniData, D3. Please be excellent to each other.